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Trust True Gear & Spline Ltd. For The Best Spur Gear

January 24, 2024
Precise spur gear from True Gear & Spline Ltd. in Cambridge, ON

Gears are the silent heroes of many industrial machinery. Everything from a wall clock to giant turbines relies on gears for effective functioning. Gear manufacturers deploy numerous modern techniques to custom-produce different gear types. Helical, worm, ground, bevel, and crown are gears with countless industrial and mechanical applications. There's one gear type that stands ahead of its counterparts in terms of popularity. We are talking about spur gear. It is one of the most commonly used gears. What's more? Owing to its simple design, it is also relatively easy to manufacture. In this blog, we list why you should trust True Gear & Spline Ltd. to source the best spur gears.


Here's Why You Should Source Spur Gears From Us


Superior Quality

Quality is given utmost importance in everything we do at True Gear & Spline Ltd. We use only the finest materials and cutting-edge technology to guarantee flawless gear manufacturing. What's more? The quality checks we have in place guarantee that no gear leaves the floor with any flaw or damage whatsoever. 



Customization is at the heart of everything we do at True Gear & Spline Ltd. Our expert employees and sophisticated CNC machining technology allow us to custom-produce spur gears of all sizes and types. Our team will work closely with you to design and manufacture gears to meet your specific needs.


Precision Engineering

At True Gear & Spline Ltd., we take pride in our precision engineering capabilities. Our skilled technicians use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that each gear is precisely crafted with exacting tolerances for optimal functionality and efficiency.


Excellent Customer Service

As a customer-centric company, we prioritize providing exceptional service at every step of the process. From initial inquiry to post-purchase support, our dedicated team remains committed to addressing any queries or concerns promptly and professionally.



True Gear & Spline Ltd. in Cambridge, ON, is a leading custom gear manufacturer. Our gears and splined shafts are known for their precision and tight tolerances. We also offer bevel gear cutting, gear shaping, and gear grinding services to clients in Ontario at the best rates. Call us today to learn about all we can do for you.