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Types of Gear Manufacturing Processes

June 28, 2018

Types of Gear Manufacturing Processes

There are a number of industrial processes involved when it comes to gear manufacturing. Some of these processes include broaching, hobbing and machining. Utilizing the very best in CNC machining, we’re able to produce high quality gears using a number of industrial gear manufacturing processes.


There are a number of processes related to gear manufacturing!


Gears have been used by humankind for an incredibly long time. They are fairly simple machines that are used to transmit motion and power to the production of work. From bicycles, and clocks, to cars and most industrial machines, almost all machines have gears.


Using CNC machining, gear manufacturing has been able to output a variety of high quality gears at a quick turnaround time. These gears include helical gears, double helical gears, spur gears, and crowned gears. Here are three types of processes involved in gear manufacturing:


  • Gear Broaching – This process is generally done to manufacture steel shafts and splines. It’s used in order to fashion the gear into a leveled structure while removing excess material from it. The broach is key to defining the odd shapes of particular gears, and is also used to help define the strange shapes of some gears types.
  • Gear Hobbing – Gear hobbing is used to manufacture smaller gears as well as sprockets and splines. These gears cannot be accommodated by broaching. Circular-shaped hobbing machines are surrounded by teeth. These type of machines are mainly used in the manufacturing of helical gears, spur gears and many other small gears.
  • Gear Machining – CNC machining is actually used in the manufacturing of gears with extreme precision and accuracy. This process is usually done by an experienced machinist. Gear machining is used to manufacture a number of products, including internal gears, worm gears, sprockets, spur and helical gears.


At True Gear & Spline, we’ve been in the gear manufacturing business for the past 40 years. We take pride in manufacturing the finest gears through CNC machining. Every single gear that we produce is a testament to our commitment to quality, our dedication to customer satisfaction, and our passion to gear manufacturing.