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Understanding Bevel Gears

May 28, 2019

Unknown to many people, bevel gears are used in a number of items we use every day like hand drills and automobiles. Needless to say, bevel gears are essential components in many modern amenities, and as such it is essential that gear manufacturers produce the highest quality bevel gears.


Bevel gears can be categorized according to their design:


Spiral Gears are designed with curved teeth positioned at an angle. They are mounted on shafts that are perpendicular to each other.


Zerol Gears have curved teeth that are not angled. They are intended to imitate the characteristics of a straight bevel gear.


Straight Gears have straight teeth. Like spiral bevels, they are mounted on shafts that are perpendicular to each other. They resemble spur gears, but instead of being conical, they are cylindrical.


Hypoid Gears have hyperbolic pitch surfaces and its mating gear axes do not intersect.


Different types of gears have different strengths and weaknesses.


For instance, the teeth of zerol gears are thicker and larger tooth, and as such they tend to be much stronger than spiral gears. Furthermore, zerol gears can be ground, are more accurate, and have superior anti-friction qualities compared to straight gears.


Hypoid gears and spiral gears can be used for applications where peripheral speeds exceed 1000 revolutions per minute. They can also be used at lower speeds as they are smooth and quieter when functioning. On the other hand, straight and zerol gears are good choices for peripheral speeds not higher than 1000 feet per minute and where smoothness and quietness are not as important.


Different bevel gears are used to great effect in printing presses, cooling towers, steel plants, and power plants – just to name a few common products that rely on these gears.


Indeed, these unnoticeable components can make or break the performance of a machine. At True Gear and Spline, we are committed to making sure that our gears are well-engineered. In addition, we also offer bevel gear cutting services, providing the fastest turnaround and highest quality.