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Video: An In-Depth Look At Helical Gears

July 20, 2018


If you’re thinking that all gears work the same, think again – we at True Gear & Spline design gears in many different shapes, sizes, and types, for many different industries. Helical gears, for example, are gears that you can usually find in car transmissions and power or oil plants. The helical gear has slanted teeth, which may not sound like a huge deal, but actually makes a huge difference.


The way the teeth on a helical gear are slanted means that there is a larger contact ratio on each rotation. This translates into a much quieter grind when compared to other types. If we put spur gears in your car transmission, you’d think it was breaking down – constantly! Our helical gear products are very popular requests from our customers, and we always deliver them in the highest quality.