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Video: CNC Machining - A Guide
Video: CNC Machining - A Guide
August 09, 2018


Welcome to True Gear! Today, we're going to be discussing the process of C.N.C. machining. “C.N.C.” stands for computer numerical control, and this type of software is crucial for maintaining our reliability in this field.


The software accepts the exact specifications for the gear type and shape we’re looking to design, and tells our advanced cutting tools exactly what to do. When we bring an unfinished gear to the cutting stage, C.N.C. machines get to work, while our highly skilled technicians monitor the process in real time to ensure maximum quality.


The most important thing C.N.C. machining brings to our service is reliability. Precision is among the most important parts of gear production, and getting things right the first time could not be more important! Between our workers and advanced automation software, we can guarantee the highest-quality gears for you the first time.

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