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Video: Gear Grinding at True Gear
Video: Gear Grinding at True Gear
April 24, 2018


Hi there, and welcome to True Gear. Here, gear grinding makes up the core of our business, and has for over forty years! Gear grinding is the process of creating the teeth, or splines, on a gear, which we can do in a number of different ways, depending on the size, type, and intended use of the finished product.


We use abrasion to scrape away unwanted materials, and only use the highest-quality materials to finish a gear ideal for your business. With gear grinding, there are usually two based routes you can take: form grinding, which sues a spinning disc wheel to evenly create the teeth, and generation grinding, for which the gear spins around the wheel instead. Each process is monitored closely by both highly-trained technicians and powerful automated software, so we can deliver reliable and consistent finishes every time.

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