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What Makes Our Gear Grinding Capabilities Exceptional

October 21, 2020


When it comes to gear grinding, the most important processes are gear shaping and hobbing. Gear shaping is usually done to machine internal teeth of gears like spur gears or any applications where there are some obstructions in the part of the gear being machined. Most often, gear shaping machines or gear shapers are used to deal with stepped gears that a gear hobbing machine may not necessarily be able to accommodate. 


What exactly does gear hobbing do?


On the other hand, without gear hobbing, it won’t be possible to achieve most of the gear grinding processes. It is a very efficient process that was invented in the world of gear manufacturing. The hobbers, known as the hobbing machines, are highly capable of processing almost all types of gears. They are available in various types and models to machine different kinds and teeth configuration of different gears. They can accommodate and cut multiple gear blanks simultaneously.


True Gear and Spline is glad to deliver all the capabilities of both gear shapers and gear hobbers to provide the best gear grinding services you can find. We invest in the latest technologies and machines that are all able to enhance the efficiency of our entire gear manufacturing processes. All of our gear hobbers are capable of cutting common gear as well as cutting crown gears. Three of them are Gleason Phoenix with different external capacities, from 200 mm to 400 mm, and provide speed, accuracy, and repeatability to large gear cutting operations. The same applies to our CNC gear hobber from Mitsubishi, the GE 20A, which is capable of hobbing 200 mm maximum workpiece diameters. 


Likewise, our CNC gear shapers from Mitsubishi, providing internal capacities of 400mm to 760mm, enable us to machine all sorts of gears with higher added value. We also get the same efficient results through our Gleason CNC gear shaper, the Pfauter PSA 500. Alongside all these is our advanced Wire EDM machine that is able to process multiple types of shapes including spur gears, splines, keyways, and many others. 


So, if you have any gear requirements, contact True Gear & Spline to experience the best results possible!