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When To Replace Ground Gears

May 11, 2021

Ground gears are crucial in numerous manufacturing applications and are in great demand due to the extreme accuracy that they can deliver. Given the demand for these gears, it’s important to find replacements from trustworthy manufacturers. Highly reliable manufacturers such as True Gear & Spline can help businesses with exceptional ground gear replacements. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to look for replacement gears.


4 Signs to replace ground gears


Abnormal Noises

The machine’s operators will have details about the machines' daily performance. They can give you essential information about the machine's condition. If they warn you about sudden loud and abnormal machine noises that seem to be worsening, pay heed to their warnings and have a specialist inspect the gears and the entire machine.


Rusting and Corrosion

All ground gears use high-quality steel and metal components. However, even with the use of the best materials, some metals can rust and corrode over time. In most cases, rusting is the primary contributor to abnormal noises and gear misalignment.


Deformed Teeth

Gear teeth deformation is a common occurrence in components that have been in use for years. You ought to replace ageing gears with new ones to avoid any misalignments or operational problems.


Low Torque Levels

Low torque levels are often a sign of deformed and malfunctioning ground gears. Replacing the gears is likely to restore your machine's performance and provide you with sufficient torque levels. Make sure that you seek help from professional technicians to assess these pain points effectively.


Find A Dependable Manufacturer To Get Replacement Gears

You can always count on us at True Gear & Spline to provide you with the best results for all your equipment repair and parts replacement needs. Our technicians can inspect your machines and provide you with recommendations for the best replacement gears and more. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.