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When You Need to Replace Your Vehicle Spline Shafts

January 08, 2021

When You Need to Replace Your Vehicle Spline Shafts

Vehicles and machines depend on excellent spur gears, chassis, and effective design to operate efficiently during daily use. However, spline shafts often take the role of drive shafts whose responsibility is to adjust different torque and rotation settings in many vehicles. When this malfunctions, a manual or automatic vehicle can break down as a result.


Here are four signs of when you may need an inspection or full replacement.


Irregular Vibrations

Harsh vibrations are the result of your spline shafts having worn out bushings rather than its gear grooves. While it is not a problem that relates directly to your spline, it can cause problems if left unaddressed. Make sure to replace them to maintain the shaft lifespan and performance.


Poor Control

If your spline shafts are not responding efficiently as before, then it's possibly time to have your shaft repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Poor control response requires immediate maintenance to avoid high expenditures for lower operation standards when using your vehicle.


Grinding and Unusual Noises

When you're hearing grinding or even clunking noises driving and shifting, then there may be a problem with the spline. It can be a slip yoke or something serious that requires replacement parts that True Gear & Spline can provide top vehicle brands.


Maintenance Required

Vehicles are recommended to be brought in for a once to twice-a-year maintenance and servicing. When you feel like your vehicle is not driving like it used to before, especially when it comes to its drive shafts, then make sure to have a mechanic take a look for any possible repairs or replacements.


When it comes to excellent replacement parts, automakers only trust True Gear & Spline in producing quality gears and components for vehicles and machines. We've been serving companies and brands across Ontario since 1974 and only use the best equipment such as Mitsubishi's groundbreaking ST40A machines for exceptional accuracy. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.