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Why CNC Machining Is Highly Adopted In Manufacturing Gears

March 22, 2021

Why CNC Machining Is Highly Adopted In Manufacturing Gears

The greatest perk of modern technology is the amazing advancements it brings to all sectors of manufacturing industries. This includes the production of gears of any type. One of the most important innovations made in gear manufacturing is the introduction and growing adoption of CNC machining. It offers much more precision in manufacturing gears than the conventional machining processes. With the use of computers in controlling a variety of machine tools, such as mills, grinders, lathes, and routers, the process can be accurately repeated many times. 


Because of the high precision that CNC machining provides, it makes manufacturing of even the most intricate and complicated shape of gears possible.


Just like other prototype technologies available, CNC greatly relies on digital software like CAM or CAD to deliver its machining job. The design saved in a digital file is then being interpreted by the CNC machine as instructions for cutting prototype gear parts. This capacity of the CNC machines to automatically control the intensely technical and labour intensive process of gear manufacturing boosts productivity and increases efficiency. 


Moreover, most often, the processes required for successful gear manufacturing demand the application of different tools to make the desired cuts on the gear blank. CNC machining combines the use of these tools into a common cell from which the CNC machine can automatically draw. Though standard machines can move in just one or two axes, CNC machines can move in multiple axes, both laterally and longitudinally, and even rotationally. This multi-axis capacity of the more sophisticated CNC machines enabled operators to flip parts of the gear over while allowing cutting on all sides without the need for human intervention. 


The cuts produced through this CNC process are more accurate than the ones manually created through human workers. Hence, it’s not a surprise that gear manufacturing has fully embraced the use of CNC machines in almost every step of the process.  


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