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Why Do Cars Need Helical Gears?

August 16, 2019

Helical gears are one of the most common gear types, along with spur gears. They can also be used in many similar applications, though helical gears are preferred over spur gears specifically for cars. This is because helical gears offer quite a few important advantages over spur gears, especially when it comes to noise reduction.


Let’s break down the functions and benefits of helical gears:




Cylindrically-shaped helical gears have slanted teeth, giving it a curved appearance. Their angled teeth are designed for more gradual contact with less friction. Still, these gears can transmit a huge amount of force.




There is another type of helical gear that has two side-to-side rows of teeth with opposite hands. Also called herringbone gears, these gears offer another set of advantages and functions as well, though fabricating this kind of gear is more time-consuming and complex.


Uses and Applications


Helical gears can be used in applications that require high speeds or high loading. Despite the high-stress uses of this gear, it typically provides for smoother, quieter operations than spur gears.


This is why this type of gear is absolutely crucial for applications in high-speed automotive transmissions since they experience less friction and survive longer despite wear and tear. In addition, these gears are quiet and have less vibration, controlling the noise disruption effects of vehicles. Indeed, as technology for automotives continues to grow, so does the demand for quieter, smoother cars.


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