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Why Having More Axes Is Better For CNC Machining

October 07, 2021

Why Having More Axes Is Better For CNC Machining

Computer numerical control or CNC machining is a very modern manufacturing process that utilizes computerized controls and tools to process workpieces. It is the most commonly used technique today in the realm of gear manufacturing and design. As new improvements are being made in the industry to further reduce production costs and improve efficiency, the most recent technological advancement is adding more axes. 


Here’s why having more axes makes CNC Machining more advanced.


3-Axis Machines


To understand the benefits of more axes, it is necessary to understand the motion of the 3-Axis machine. Traditional CNC machining usually features linear motion in three primary axes. In a 3-axis machine or milling center, the machine remains stationary while the cutter itself moves. But some 3-axis CNC machines come with a moving bed that moves in a linear motion along the two axes and the spindle moves up and down along the third axis.


4-Axis Machines 


Conversely, 4-axis CNC machines allow operators to have a more detailed cutting experience by incorporating a rotational axis with fewer setups. In this setup, the 4th axis rotary is installed in the table of the machine which makes this CNC machine ideal for creating parts with complex geometries and intricate medical devices. As a result, it can machine finished products much faster and save more capital for an organization in the long run.


5-Axis Machines


While the previous CNC machines are proven to be advantageous for manufacturers to use, the 5-axis CNC machine offers even more milling capabilities. This CNC machining technology promotes micro-machining and leads to extremely detailed cuts that are achieved at almost no time at all. The machine setup includes 3 linear axes and 2 rotational axes, adding an extra degree of freedom than its predecessor. Due to its higher initial cost, 5-axis CNC machines became economically viable only after multiple cost reductions efforts were made to lower their market price. Hence, more and more manufacturers are now able to afford to invest in these very efficient machines.


What really makes more axes better for CNC machining is the machine’s potential of offering fewer setups, no errors, and delivering high-quality results at unparalleled speeds. All these advantages encourage manufacturers to opt for newer varieties of CNC machining. 


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