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Why Spiral Bevel Gears Are So Widely Used In High Load Applications

May 07, 2018

Why Spiral Bevel Gears Are So Widely Used In High Load Applications

Bevel gears play a key part in power transmission roles, being used in helicopters, power generation machines and more; essentially, instances when power musty be transferred across two non-parallel axes. A spiral bevel gear is one which has helical teeth. Like the helical gear, using a spiral bevel gear brings the benefit of less vibration and noise. Spiral bevel gears are used often in vehicle transmissions as drive from the driveshaft must be turned 90 degrees to drive the wheels.


Despite the more complicated manufacturing processes that are required to make spiral bevel gears and that two interfacing spiral gears are usually replaced as a set, spiral bevel gears are the gear of choice in high load situations.


Another type of spiral bevel gear is the hypoid gear. It is distinct from the spiral bevel gear in that the axis of the gear does not intersect with the axis of the meshing gear. Hypoid gears amplify the benefits of the spiral bevel gear. Since multiple teeth mesh together at the same time, they are able to handle larger loads, while retaining the other useful characteristics of spiral bevel gears.


Some benefits of using spiral bevel gears:


  • Reduced heat – Spiral bevel gears produce less heat than bevel gears in similar conditions. It makes their use desirable in situations where heat build-up can adversely affect operation of nearby components or safety.


  • High torque – Spiral bevel gears have a relatively larger tooth area, and one which is in mesh. As such they are perfect for high torque and high speed application. It is also one of the reasons why they are used in large trucks.


  • Offset – With no offset, the teeth of spiral bevel gears slide little between each other. This increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the gear and reduces heat generation.


  • Smoothness – Abrupt power delivery has the potential to both damage machinery as well as compromise safety; which is why spiral bevel gears with their smooth engagement are preferred when gear engagement should not upset drive.


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