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Your Guide To Helical Gears

July 06, 2018

Your Guide To Helical Gears

We at True Gear and Spline take pride in our ability to create high quality helical gears for your industrial application. Used in a number of different applications, helical gears are the preferred choice over spur gears for a number of reasons.


At True Gear and Spline, we manufacture a variety of gears, including spur, worm, bevel, and helical gears!


Spur and helical gears are very similar since they’re used in generally the same applications. What makes a helical gear different from a spur gear is the angle of its cut. Spur gears are easily the most common type of gears. Their teeth aren’t angled; they’re straight. Helical gears, however, have an angled cut. The angle may differ from gear to gear depending on its specific application.


Spur gears are used to mesh with gears on parallel shafts. While helical gears are used to do the same thing, they can alternatively be used on perpendicular shafts to change the rotation angle by 90 degrees if the teeth are cut at a certain angle.


Because the teeth of helical gears are cut at an angle, while teeth of spur gears are cut straight, it allows helical gears to produce less noise than spur gears during operation. When helical gears mesh, the contact between two teeth isn’t complete.


While the teeth of spur gears mesh completely as every single part of a tooth is in contact with another, helical gears work differently. There is a gradual connection that takes place which prevents helical gears from making too much noise. It is for this reason that helical gears are ideal for car transmissions.


Helical gears are manufactured using gear hobbing and machining. Using CNC technology, we at True Gear and Spline are able to manufacture quality helical gears with such a high precision at a quick turnaround time. We specialize in manufacturing a variety of gears using the latest CNC technology to provide you with the highest quality gears for your industrial application, so contact us today!