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An Overview of Splined Shafts

September 22, 2021

An Overview of Splined Shafts

Are you looking for spline shafts and want to learn about their application in production? Here’s a brief guide of splined shafts that will help you understand it in detail. 


What is a Splined Shaft?

A spline shaft, also known as a splined shaft, refers to the grooves and ridges on its teeth that mate with another element. Through a spline shaft, the torque is being transferred and maintains the angular correspondence between the two mating elements. Essentially, there is a male spline that pairs up with a female spline on a gear assembly. 


Functions of a Spline Shaft


Given below are some of its functions:


  • One of the essential functions of a splined shaft is to interlock with its mate to transfer the rotary movement.
  • It is used as a linear guide when dealing with a bearing having an internal spline gear mechanism. 
  • The primary element is the interaction and interlocking of the shaft and the gear it uses. 
  • Its function is dependent on the construction and type of spline applied to the shaft.
  • Depending on your specific application, you can choose from the different shapes and designs of spline shafts available in the market. 


Applications of Spline Shafts

Splined shafts are used in automobiles, locomotives, manufacturing and industrial facilities, etc. Spline shafts can handle high rotation speeds easily, deliver torque, and distribute the load across every teeth or groove equally. They are crucial for the production of several items as they help provide a uniform and controlled torque that minimizes the chances of misalignment with different parts.


Types of Spline Shafts

Some of the most common ones include the parallel splined shaft with teeth that have a square profile, an involute shaft with tapered grooves, and helical that has either parallel or involute splines in which the teeth form a helix shape. There are also particular types, such as the crowned splines that have specially designed teeth that taper or smoothen out towards the end face of the spline, providing for angular misalignment on the surface. The other one is the serrated spline with a non-involute tooth design set at an angle, enabling several teeth to be placed on the shaft itself.


Measurement Method

Finally, when it comes to measurement, spline shafts are measured in diameter. The primary diameter is determined from the centre of the mated splines or the connection between the internal and external elements. As for the space and thickness of their teeth, they are usually measured by over-pin measurements.


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